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Born in Buenos Aires, Daniel Grinberg grew up in a home where his father was a lawyer and his mother a CPA.  He had two other siblings, an older brother and a younger sister.  By the age of 13, Grinberg had migrated with his family to Israel. Grinberg grew up in a home where music was his life.  He had poor grades, and music made up for that gap.  He wound up being able to play many musical instruments by the tender age of 4 or 5.  Starting with a typical Argentinian small plastic flute called the “tonete” which he inherited from a cousin, he moved to an old guitar that he found to an uncle’s piano next.  Gradually his skills stood attest to his motivations to play, and eventually he began honing his skills in local rock bands. He had other musings as well, and was very into fixing electronics in his home, which led to a lifelong interest. He went to school for music at the Tel Aviv University in the 80’s, where he spent 5 years before teaching.  While getting his musical education, Grinberg married and had a daughter. He began integrating his ideas in technology and music into his work interest and began melding his ideas of inputting musical scores into optical technology which got him noticed in an American software hi-tec company.  He began working there, and meanwhile did some work composing music for plays and television that had to do with electronic music as well as some jazz and some instrumental stuff. This tight melding with his career interests with electronic and music did not stop there.  Grinberg manages to engineer harmonies of vocalizations and tight energy into his freshman project, Short Stories.  In his latest effort, Grinberg pieces together showmanship on the guitar with reverberating joints in vocals and resounding instrumentals. Consisting of Daniel Grinberg (guitars, keyboards), Maor Swartzberg (guitars, keyboards, bass guitar), Tal Tamari (drums, percussion), and Yoav Arbel (drums), Grinberg has strung together a list of musicians that can make his dream project happen.  With solo guitar riffs and resonating sounds on this 12-track listen, there is an Adult Contemporary music vibe to the album.  The album showcases a transcendent and opaque listen for audiences who find the highlight of their day listening to a particularly good pop track. With swarthy and muddling sounds, this mesh of good old days with retro sounding ‘60’s and ‘70’s rock enriches the soul and bluesy stance that this album takes.  In the third track, “Hey You,” the strong guitar rhythms set the vibe for some great energy.  The loud guitar strumming and the noisy backbeat fails to filter out the raw feelings that come out of these songs. In “White Fields”, the heightened effects and meshing of sounds melds into a soaring sonic experience.  The lyrics take the listener on a journey from village grounds to yellow fields to the ocean.  It makes the lyrics really powerful and colorful all at once. The slow and often gauzy sounding lyrics take a beguiling stance in drawing the listener in.  There is a touch of shoe-glazing in these songs and they take on a melancholy and melodious turn in this album.  Short Stories sounds like a psychedelic ‘60s remake that is refreshing and resonating all at once. Be sure to give it a go and listen!   Short Stories