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‘Big Brother 18’ recap: ‘Who survived the black box to win the HOH competition’

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Last Friday’s episode was the #BBCountyFair where the HG competed for prizes and had a surprise concert from Ziggly Marley and a visit from Jesse a.k.a. "Mr. Pectacular" from BB10 and BB11. They started this week’s HOH competition “Black Box.”

It is day 65 in the house and the HG are continuing the Black Box competition. They are locked in the black box for two hours and have to hold on to their button until they are given 30 seconds to search for discs to retrieve. The room is in total darkness and it smells bad and is covered in slime, muck, cobwebs and is extremely slippery. The most discs at the end of two hours will be the new HOH.

We flashback to 82 minutes before the last eviction where Paulie was trying to stir things up before he left. He tells Nicole, Corey and Paul that they should go after Victor and James. Nicole quickly covers herself by going to James/Nat and basically trying to blow up Paul’s game and saying that Paul mentioned going after James. Nicole seems to maybe want the two showmances to work together? Interesting.

We go back to the HOH competition and Big Meech won a 30 second solo search round advantage. It doesn’t help as Meech is the first one out of this competition. I’m not going to lie, I would enjoy this competition. The HG continue to lose shoes and slip and fall. It is very tough to see who is actually doing well. The HG debate making deals even though everyone is lying about how many discs they have. Classic Big Brother move. James slips and falls during the final minutes of the comp. It is down to Corey, Natalie, Nicole or Paul for HOH. Natalie and Corey tie with ten discs. The quickest time for the last disc was from Natalie, which means she wins her first HOH of the season! I’m happy for her but now she has a major choice to make. She must pick a side and is going to make some enemies. 

Nicole hopes that Nat won’t target them and quickly goes to reinforce the idea to her that the two showmances should work together. It seems that Nat is on board with this. James tells her to do what is best for her game. It is time to get the numbers and as James says, “People got to go.” Meanwhile, Paul and Victor fear they could be screwed this week. Paul has one "friendship" convo with Nat and hopes she wants to keep working with them. He tells her he will respect her decision and for her to do what is best for her game.

Victor feels very uneasy when he goes up to the HOH room and finds Corey whispering with Nat and James. This isn’t looking good for the bros. I don’t blame him. I’m somewhat questioning this potential strategy by Nat/James. I admit I do really enjoy Paul’s afternoon friendship talks. #FriendshipTimes with Paul. It is his unique way to unwind and relax and talk to the cameras and distract himself from the game.

America’s Care Package comes in for the week and we find out America decided to give it to Big Meech. This is a big one as it allows Meech to be co-HOH for the week and she is responsible for nominating one HG. Nicole is worried about this. Corey promises Meech that he/Nicole will keep her safe. I’m liking Meech’s idea to split them up. Natalie is 100 percent targeting Paul and wants to nominate him. The two of them go back and forth on what to do. It seems that Paul is going on the block, but they debate between Victor or potentially turning on Nicole/Corey. Who knows at this point.

It is time for the Nomination Ceremony and I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. Paul has to clear another of his red alert checkpoints before we get down to business. Natalie nominates VICTOR for eviction and Meech nominates PAUL. “Shocking!” he yells. Nat tells Victor she respects his game and is pulling for him to win veto. Meech tells Paul she thinks he has been lying to her face and has been shady and that she is pulling for Victor to win veto or would even use it to save Victor. Wow. Meech taking shots. The Nomination Ceremony ends and Paul asks Victor to take the knife out of his back. I’m not sure I agree with this plan. I would like to see one of them win POV and Nicole go up in their place. 

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it save Victor or Paul from eviction?

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