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Lost - Episode 17

'Huawei': A foreshadowing name?

Chinesepod's Carlie discusses the meaning of the name 'Huawei' in light of the recent national security concerns of the Whitehouse

The rain pours down on the men as they make their way through the jungle. As Charlie argues with Hurley over which super-hero would win a foot race, Charlie steps on a string. As he removes his foot, a trap goes into action and Charlie is shot in the neck with an arrow. Desmond runs over and apologizes to Charlie, before he takes his last breath and closes his eyes.

Different scenes flash through the screen: Hurley pulling the rope cable out of the sand, a red light in the clouds, Desmond's girlfriend, a grey tarp and Charlie saying superman.

Desmond is shocked back into the present, realizing he's had another premonition. Finding Hurley, he asks him where the cable in the beach is. Hurley is suspicious immediately and asks why. Desmond eerily says that someone is coming to the island.

In the past, Desmond is visited by a Monk who congratulates him for completing his vow of silence. Welcomes him as a "brotha."

On the island, Desmond and Hurley visit Jack and ask to borrow his first aid kit. Jack gives it to him, but can't help to be suspicious. As they walk away, Desmond berates Hurley for giving it away. Hurley says he couldn't help it and he wants to know what the premonition was. Desmond describes the flashes as a jigsaw puzzle that he must put together. For the first time, he doesn't want to stop the premonition from happening.

Meanwhile, Sawyer checks up on Kate and is tantalized by a bit of skin. Kate brings him back to earth and he asks if Jack knows about what happened between them. Kate tells him about the cameras. Sawyer seems pleased and asks for some "afternoon delight." Kate scoffs at him and tells him to make her a mixed tape, sarcastically.

Hurley and Desmond continue putting the puzzle pieces together from Desmond's premonition. Thinking quickly, Hurley makes plans for a camping trip and recruits Jin and Charlie to join them. Charlie worries that Desmond's latest premonition could mean his death, but Desmond reassures him with an outright lie.

The group of four make their way down the beach whistling when Hurley spots the cable. Realizing it's not time for them to go into the jungle, according to the premonition, they make camp.

Back in the monastery, Desmond debates God's request for the sacrifice of Abraham's son Isaac with the head monk. The monk says that Desmond seems to underestimate the value of sacrifice. At that moment, a man comes rushing in and punches Desmond in the face, breaking his nose.

On the island, Jack runs into Kate in the kitchen. Their conversation is awkward and eventually Jack leaves to eat dinner with Juliet. Watching the two, Kate seems bothered and makes her way to Sawyer's tent. Crying, she tells him to shut up as the two begin to kiss.

The camping quartet listen to Jin's ghost stories as Charlie strums his guitar and Hurley eats marshmallows. Charlie goes to check on Desmond, who is dreamily staring at his picture of Penny. Desmond admits that he hopes Penny is as determined to find him as she was before.

At that moment, a helicopter is heard in the background, but it doesn't sound in good shape. Soon, the helicopter can be heard falling fast into the ocean, before it crashes. However, a beacon is spotted somewhere in the clouds.

Desmond insists they head into the jungle and track the beacon. Charlie refuses, knowing that it's dangerous. Realizing he can't go without Charlie, Desmond agrees to leave at first light.

Back in the UK, Desmond is visiting the man who broke his nose and asks to see his sister. A young woman appears behind him and Desmond greets her as Ruth.

As the two talk over tea, it becomes clear that Desmond left her at the altar. Desmond explains that he asked God for a sign, woke up in the street and there was a monk asking him if he was okay. Ruth doesn't buy it and tells him next time he wants to break up with a girl, just tell her he's scared.

In the present, Sawyer challenges Jack to some table tennis. During the game, the night before comes up and Sawyer realizes Kate saw Jack and Juliet eating dinner together. Finding Kate, Sawyer offers her his "mixed tape" - a Phil Collins cassette. He decides to confront her about the night before, and before she can counter, tells her she doesn't need to use him, she can just ask.

As the four men make their way through the jungle, Charlie asks Desmond what's next. Desmond blatantly lies that there is nothing else and they continue until they spot some debris, including a bag containing a satellite phone and a book with a picture of Desmond and Penny.

Rain begins to fall, as Desmond's premonition showed. Desmond admits he believed Penny was coming all along, but he was worried that if he told them, everything would change. Charlie asks why they would possibly want to change the sequence of events.

Returning from his ex-fiancee's home, Desmond gets trashed on the monastery's wine. The head monk finds him and fires him, but reassures him that it's because there are bigger plans out there for him. He also suggests that maybe Desmond has been so busy running away that he hasn't considered what he's running towards.

As the men continue to drudge through the rain, Hurley and Charlie begin the super-hero debate from Desmond's premonition. Realizing what's about to happen, Desmond freaks out, trying to decide what to do. At the last minute, he yells for Charlie to duck and tackles him to the ground as the arrow flies above them.

The men decide to split up and Charlie sticks with Desmond. He accuses him of knowing all along that he would die. Desmond has had it and goes off on Charlie saying there is no point anyways because Charlie keeps dying in the premonitions. He ponders angrily whether or not it's a test of God, like Abraham and Isaac. Their argument is disrupted when Jin shouts up ahead of them. The two race over and find a parachuter hanging from the tree.

As Desmond climbs the tree to let down the parachuter, Desmond says goodbye to the monk who asks him for one last favor. Desmond loads a car of wine when the driver comes around the corner of the car. In the jungle, the tarp falls to the ground and they hold it out to catch the parachuter. The driver is Penny. The two enter into a flirtatious conversation that ends with introductions and an invite to Carlisle. Desmond cuts the lines and the parachuter falls into the tarp.

The group are shocked when the parachuter begins to move. Desmond is thrilled and runs over to take Penny's helmet off.'s not Penny. The mysterious woman recognizes Desmond, even says his name, before she passes out.