Wrestling With Satan

On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Running Time: 
85 minutes

When people talk about stereotypes there are some subjects that seem to always have the same idea thought of them. One of those topics is wrestling, or to put it another way, rasslin. It's thought of as an activity that's done by men wearing tights while being watched by crazed fans who might be classified as someone with a neck of a reddish hue. It might be or it might not be that, but one thing that it is for sure is being type cast as being just that but in reality there are all sorts of wrestling types as well as the people who watch it. Such is the case for the CWF, that's the Christian Wrestling Federation if you don't know, and they are a group of Christian faith based people who also have a love for wrestling. They have combined the two to form the CWF where they go on tour spreading the word they want to spread about Christianity by doing it with wrestling.