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Rescue launched for sailboat caught off Oahu in Hurricane Julio

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On Sunday, the Coast Guard launched a rescue operation for a boat that got caught in Hurricane Julio. KHON reported that the 42-foot sailboat got caught just over 400 miles off the coast of Oahu. The Associated Press noted that the Coast Guard was first alerted about the vessel after the sailors on board put out a distress message to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center. The center in Texas then contacted the Coast Guard in Honolulu. Hours later, an aircraft reached the boat and dropped a life raft down to the sailors. However, due to the swells and windy conditions, the three people stranded could not reach it Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer Melissa McKenzie said. The hurricane in which the boat got caught in, was one of two dangerous storms that were forecast to hit the Hawaiian Islands last week. On Saturday night, Hurricane Julio was downgraded to a Category 1 and passed about 250 miles north of Maui. The other storm, Iselle, brought down some trees and power lines when it hit the Big Island a day earlier and left thousands without power.