Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Announces Online Film Catalog of its 20 Year History

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival has lauched a new, comprehensive catalog of over 1,000 films that have screen over the course of its 20 year history. Called AJFF Recommends, the database allows film enthusists to search for films by a variety of subjects including themes, types, language, and country. Once you've found a film, the catalog then provides you with links on where you can watch it, whether it's through streaming or rental or purchase. It's extremely convinent, given how many different services there are to watch films nowadays, and finding films that played at festivals can be especially difficult. Not anymore with AJFF Recommends.

“AJFF Recommends allows us to share and showcase 20 years of the festival’s cinematic history, and affords us an opportunity to build in other films for our ever-expanding audience for years to come,” said AJFF Executive Director Kenny Blank. “After years in development, we are so proud and excited to launch this platform and provide our members, cinema fans and an international audience outside of Atlanta with one of the most comprehensive Jewish cinema catalogues available anywhere.”

Film festivals have been hit especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, and like many others the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival has gone virtual with its offers. Be sure to check out https://ajffrecommends.org/ and take a look at their amazing and diverse selection of films!

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