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Luke Wade & No Civilians

Luke Wade & No Civilians

Wade’s enchanting new album takes an honest look at his varied life in lyrical form. “As Long As She Knows” is about understanding that your passions are part of who you are — and hoping you find a partner with that shared understanding. “Eyes on the Horizon” finds Wade struggling to focus on what’s important amid the noise, cell phones, cars. And the title track, “The River,” is, appropriately, about transitions. “It goes from me singing about the river, seeing that it takes things towards the oceans, toward a bigger place, and then realizing that you’re part of it. You’re always in it. Always on your way.”

What question do you wish you were asked in an interview?

What do you want for Christmas?

What is the answer to that question?

Everyone to buy my albums, burn ten copies, give them to their friends, them buy the albums, burn ten copies, etc, etc, etc... into infinity.

Ever been on a movie set?

I haven't!!! It's something that needs to happen though. That would be fun. Is that an invitation?

Something outdated that you still like?

Super Mario Cart for Super Nintendo. Oh, the memories!

3 motivations:

Self-respect, the love of my family, and the frailty of existence... (stuff just got real)

Band you like but people think you should be embarrassed for it?


How do you eat a Reese's cup?

At once... Whole thing in... Whole thing chewed... milk chaser.

Ever photo bombed?

Once. I thought it would make feel better, but it didn't. I felt empty.

What are some of the biggest differences fans can expect out of your upcoming second album?

The last album was mostly for girls to listen to at home while they think about the guys that they like. You can bring the new album home to your parents or to your best friends BBQ. It makes sense with the last album, but it is a much better representation of what we do live. There's more energy to go with the melodies and emotions. I thinks its going to hit more people harder and grab them, put them in big room with us, and command their attention.

You suffered through brain damage, partial blindness, spinal meningitis and more as a child. Did all of those experiences impact your music in any positive or negative way?

150% positive. The combination of the adversities I've overcome and the unwavering support of my family are responsible for the man I have become and that's something I've come to be very happy with. I'm at the point in my life where, when something "bad" happens, all I can do is think "what am I supposed to learn from this?"

Interview by Kara Johnson