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Cody Endres

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Cody Lee Clarence Endres
Tuesday, July 2, 1985
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Sparta, WI
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Sparta, WI
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Married to Kaiyla Endres
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1 year 11 months

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  • Water Liars: Wyoming
    My Grade:A+
    Shakefire's Grade:A+
    User's Grade:A+

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Watched this when it aired on PBS not too long ago and loved it - particularly some of the aerial shots showing how they disguised buildings.The Ghost Army
This movie seems to be getting more bloated by the day. Dinklage will likely be playing Dr. Bolivar Trask, the man who created Master Mold and the Sentinels.UPDATED: Alan Cumming NOT returning as Nightcrawler for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'
It should be noted that this is probably the first movie from WWE Studios that isn't complete crap. Wade Barrett has a very small role in the film.Dead Man Down
Exciting news, really looking forward to this!Harrison Ford On For Anchorman 2
I could barely handle watching the trailer, can't imagine having to sit through this film.21 and Over

My Top Graded MoviesGrades: 3

RankMovieMy GradeSF User Grade
1Seven PsychopathsA+A+
2How to Survive a PlagueB+B+
3Little White LiesB+B+

My Top Graded AlbumsGrades: 1

RankAlbumMy GradeSF User Grade
1Water Liars: WyomingA+A+