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Birth Name: 
Pandora Smith
Living Place: 
Atlanta, GA
5' 7"
Vice President
Member for
5 years 10 months

My Latest Grades

  • Feel My Way
    My Grade:C-
    Shakefire's Grade:C
    User's Grade:C-
  • The Pretty Reckless: Light Me Up
    My Grade:B+
    Shakefire's Grade:B
    User's Grade:B+

My Top Graded MoviesGrades: 1

RankMovieMy GradeSF User Grade
1The Girl with the Dragon TattooA+A+

My Top Graded AlbumsGrades: 2

RankAlbumMy GradeSF User Grade
1The Pretty Reckless: Light Me UpB+B+
2Feel My WayC-C-

My Top Graded TV ShowsGrades: 2

RankTV ShowMy GradeSF User Grade
1The Walking DeadA+A+
2The FollowingA+A+

My Top Graded BooksGrades: 3

RankBookMy GradeSF User Grade
1The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestA+A+
2The Girl Who Played with FireA+A+
3The Girl With the Dragon TattooA+A+