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Great review! Lots of great points. I am not saying this because I am a comic book nerd and a total marvel fan boy, but I LOVED this movie. The writing and the dialogue was light years away from any other superhero movie out there. Also, it is an overall awesome movie to watch even if you know nothi...Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Lots of great news on here. Thanks a lot! I actually still have my X-force #1 comic and would love to see it as a movie. X-force has always had more adult-themed story arcs and been more interesting to me than the actual X-men. *FINGERS CROSSED*Marvel Cancels A X Book Brings In A Legend While A Force Might Be A Movie
So excited to see the movie. I'll take your advice though and skip viewing it in 3D. =) Thanks for the heads up!World War Z
You make some good points, but I beg to differ on a lot of parts of the movie. The visuals and the music were great, but that's about it. I fell asleep on certain parts and felt there was too much drama and not enough action for a Superman movie. They did a great job of making Superman into a total ...Man of Steel
I thought this was a great movie! Not realistic, but one of the better installments in the series. The last scene made my jaw drop btw!Fast & Furious 6

My Top Graded MoviesGrades: 11

RankMovieMy GradeSF User Grade
1Captain America: The Winter SoldierA+A+
3Wreck-It RalphA+A+
4Django UnchainedA+A+
5Zero Dark ThirtyA+A+

My Top Graded AlbumsGrades: 5

RankAlbumMy GradeSF User Grade
1David Guetta: Nothing but the Beat 2.0A+A+
2Bad Meets Evil: Hell: The SequelA+B+
3Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveSoundsB+B+
4The Throne: Watch the Throne B+B+
5Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 ExperienceC+C+

My Top Graded TV ShowsGrades: 10

RankTV ShowMy GradeSF User Grade
1The Walking DeadA+A+
2Tiny Toon AdventuresA+A+
3It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaA+A+
5Bubble GuppiesB+B+

My Top Graded GamesGrades: 10

RankGameMy GradeSF User Grade
1LittleBigPlanet 2A+A+
2Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two WorldsA+A+
3L.A. NoireA+A+
4Uncharted 3 Drake's DeceptionA+A+
5Marvel Pinball: Avengers ChroniclesA+A+