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Peter Oberth

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Peter Friedrich Oberth
Sunday, March 8, 1981
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Chicago, IL
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Atlanta, GA
5' 11"
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Married to Kara Oberth
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6 years 6 months

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TRON! Dammit. My wife also yelled at me for not having Return of the Jedi but I was never big into Star Wars, though that would also be cool.The 80s "Movie Worlds" I Want To Visit
It just seems like everyone was already praising it as the best and most original horror movie ever made before they even saw it and then it came out and they kept saying that. To me, it was just overblown, scattered and missed the mark.The 5 most overrated films of the last 5 years
hiNBC Adds Fall Iteration of 'The Voice,' Looking at New Coaches for Second Cycle
I don't know why they returned the series to Bryan Singer when Vaughn knocked it out of the park, reinventing it without rebooting it. I'm not impressed with 70% of Singer's work.UPDATED: Alan Cumming NOT returning as Nightcrawler for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'
Agree with you until you got to Transformers. The sequels, sure, but the first one was exactly what it should have beenPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

My Top Graded MoviesGrades: 150

RankMovieMy GradeSF User Grade
1Gone GirlA+A+
2The Neverending StoryA+-
3Back to the Future Part IIA+A+
4The GooniesA+A+

My Top Graded AlbumsGrades: 36

RankAlbumMy GradeSF User Grade
1Toadies: RubberneckA+A+
2Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LPA+A+
3eels: Electro-Shock BluesA+A+
4fun.: Some NightsA+A+
5Left Alone: Dead American RadioB+B+

My Top Graded TV ShowsGrades: 145

RankTV ShowMy GradeSF User Grade
2Family GuyA+A+
3The West WingA+A+
4Queer As FolkA+A+
5Sports NightA+A+

My Top Graded GamesGrades: 14

RankGameMy GradeSF User Grade
1Batman: Arkham AsylumA+A+
2Injustice: Gods Among UsB+B+
4Batman: Arkham CityB+B+
5The Darkness 2B+B+

My Top Graded BooksGrades: 10

RankBookMy GradeSF User Grade
1Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilA+A+
2Fight ClubA+A+
3FilmCraft: Producing by Geoffrey Macnab & Sharon SwartB+B+
4Not Just Cartoons: NicktoonsB+B+