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A.M.X.: Quickie 10

A.M.X. (Andre Mieux) is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer. A.M.X. (Andre Mieux) received scholarships from Cal Arts and Long Beach State College. Aside from his academic career, he has also been under the instruction of Dr. Marge Chen for the last 13 years for classical piano. A.M.X. (Andre Mieux) grew up in a very musical family, with his extended relatives a part of the Philharmonic(s), Fox TV, and several other major placements in music production and film. As early as the age of 8, A.M.X. (Andre Mieux) lit the spark of what he would one day call his career. A.M.X. (Andre Mieux) started writing, dancing and singing for a small group called Eagle Wings through his local church in West Covina, CA. By age 12, A.M.X. (Andre Mieux) had begun producing music with a friend, Grammy winning former member of the Yellowjackets, Ricky Lawson, who turned out to be one of his greatest connections to the music industry.

1. Are you more street smart or book smart?
I am more street smart

2. What did you do yesterday?
I went to the gym, then went to my trainer, then rehearsal, back to the studio to work on music, then finished the day off with the club

3. Download or upload?

4. Any holiday traditions? 
I'm very traditional when it comes to Christmas, tree, family, gifts, and just having a good time

5. How many drinks does it take for you to be drunk?

too many

6. Award speech time, who do you thank?
Trinity, Family, Mary, Cash, Samir, and whoever I worked on the record with

7. Do you wear cologne/perfume? If so what kind?
I wear cologne and I have to many to name, billy jealousy, CK, Versace

8. Have you ever been bullied?
Yea, all the time growing up in middle school.

9. How did you get such powerhouse collaborations (Snoop Dogg, Da Internz) on your first single?
Management and through good connection and relationships

10. Most rap songs these days get the remix treatment and it almost seems like an honor now.  How did you feel when AFSHeeN approached you for the remix of "You Made Me Change My Number"?
It felt great, I feel that AfSHeeN has a sound of his own and is a power house when it comes to remixes

Interview by Kara Johnson