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Darius Holbert

Darius Holbert

Darius Holbert is an award-winning composer of music for film, television, and new media. Having studied music at London's Royal Academy of Music and the University of North Texas, his music is featured on myriad television shows such as American Horror Story, Grey's Anatomy, and American Idol. Likewise, his films have won awards at Sundance, LA Film Fest, and more. Recent top honors notably include best original film score at the Moondance International Film Festival. Not limiting himself to composition, Holbert also lends a hand to producing records, musical directing productions, and artist development.

Use the word radish in a sentence:

I wouldn't come right out and say that I was totally rad, more like I'm rad-ish.

3 hurdles you have overcome:

-Being born in one of the dark years before the internet was invented. [shudders]
-Studying in London in the 90s before the English understood what a taco even was.
-And hmmm...having a slight southern drawl and ALL east and west coasters assuming that I ride my favorite horse to sunday school. Which I do.

What is the most expensive meal you have ever ate?

Sushi Zo in LA. It was an incredible 15-course experience. Google Cod Milt though. Ummm...

Have you ever looked for treasure?

Is she a missing stripper? Have you tried putting up fliers?

Last thing you microwaved?

Milk for my kickass 13 month old daughter

Ever been on a Ferris Wheel?

Yes! I'm wild for a good ferris wheel

Do you jump over, walk around, or step in puddles?

Definitely jump over. What am I, a fishmonger's wife?!

Something you meant to do but haven't gotten around to it yet?

Eat the 72 oz steak in an hour at The Big Texan in Amarillo. It's on my list to do before I die. Probably RIGHT before I die.

Do you find it challenging to work with someone like Wu-Tang Clan one day and Dallas Symphony Orchestra the next?

Nah, it's all music. It just matters if it's good or not.

You are from Texas but work a lot in LA and NY. Do you find that certain places bring out different areas of creativity?

Yes. It's 75 degrees and sunny at my studio in LA and I hear NY is getting 10" of snow right now. I know which place I'm more motivated to be creative today!

Interview by Kara Johnson