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Saving Abel

Saving Abel: Quickie 10

“You know when you hear a song on the radio and you don’t know who it is, but you love it and feel like you’ve heard it before? That’s our band! The first time someone hears us, they go, ‘I know that band!’ Then someone explains, ‘no, it’s a brand-new song and band.’ Saving Abel has an accessible and comfortable sound---you HAVE heard us before,” states lead singer Jared Weeks. On their self-titled Virgin Records debut, songs range from the wild road tale in “New Tattoo” to the sexual innuendos of the aptly titled first single, “Addicted.”

1. I would change my name to:

& (later to be referred to as "the artist formerly known as &")
2. Closed or opened:
Child proofed
3. Do you like the smell of gasoline?
Love it, prefer the taste
4. Age you act is:
18 and legal
5. What superpower would you want?
The power to poop on my bus
6. Where were you 5 hours ago?
Titty bar
7. I'd walk a mile for:
8. Beer Or Liquor?
9. Last video game you played?
Golden Tee
10. Which two tracks should everyone hear off of Miss America?
"Mississippi Moonshine" "Angel Without Wings"

Interview by Kara Johnson