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The Livewires

The Livewires

The Livewires are an in-your-face, self-described "dirty rock n' roll" trio from San Francisco, CA. With heavy influences from The Doors, Led Zepplin and classic blues, The Livewires definitely stand alone with a "reverence to the god's of rock that's been unseen for sometime..." They were recently featured on SanJose.com where they were noted for their "penchant for classic electric blues, a la B.B. King, but with a heavier power-pop influence mixed in."

First musical equipment you ever owned?

Do our bodies count? No. Then we'll have to go with that old Bukkehorn in the garage.

Have you ever pretended to be someone you are not?

I don't think the person that I was or wasn't wants me to answer this.

Which shoe do you put on first?

Left. The left. and always, always the left.

________ fixes everything

Not drinking whiskey

What was your first word?


Something you have quit:

Not you babe.

Best deal you ever got on a purchase?

My band mates. and 2 tacos for 99 cents.

Favorite farm animal sound:

What does the fox say?

Do you have plans for a full length release in the near future?

We've been trying to keep it under wraps but we have big plans to make big plans to make an album.

On the serious side, we all want to get into the studio and create a record that really has the production, character, swelling orchestras and dirty crunch we desire.

Have you found it difficult to be a rock band when pop has taken over the airwaves?

We are passionate about the music we write and have accepted the challenges of being a rock band in 2014.

People still love rock n roll, although they are harder to find in our generation.

You do gain faith hearing artists like: The Black Keys, Jack White, White Denim and RHCP on the radio.

Pop music will always be, as will rock. We'll make sure of that.

Interview by Kara Johnson