12 Monkeys (PREVIEW)

12 Monkeys

The Night Room
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fRIDAYS @ 9/8 c
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Friday, January 16, 2015
After Cole’s adventure with The West 7 in last weeks show he’s back in the past working with Cassandra again. This time Cassandra takes the lead as she thinks she may have figured out the exact location of the mysterious Night Room. 
This weeks episode of 12 Monkey’s was really the Jennifer Goines’ show (the character in the show that would be Brad Pitt’s counterpart in the film). In this episode we get an interesting back flash of what Jennifer was like before she was sent to the psychiatric ward. 
It’s starting to look like there are more twists and turns in regards to the time travel perspective that might have the show coming around full circle in unexpected ways. At least that’s how I feel. 
There was a nagging feeling of dejavu as the episode started to close out. A Terminator Judgment Day feel that just wouldn’t go away. Cassandra and Cole break into the Night Room to look for the plague device that ruined Cole’s future and Cassandra’s present and what they find is not what they expected. 
Creepy old Tom Noonan (X-Files) shows up and the show goes either way, depending on what kind of outcome you were looking for. It was definitely interesting, but the episode felt like it was standing on the proverbial shoulders. Still, well worth watching if you’re invested. 
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