32 Below: Every Little Thing About You

Every Little Thing About You

(32 Below)
Release Date: 
Friday, November 14, 2014

Take pop music with the fun beats that get put in you a fun dancing mood, add that to the energy that rock gives to the pop, and finish what you get from the blending of pop and rock with country and what do you get? A band called 32 Below is what you get. A country pop rock band that plays songs that have the fun beats of pop, the energy of rock, and the down home feeling of country music. This band has a new album out called, “Every Little Thing About You”, an album that has music that will get you wanting to like some pop country music even if you don't like either pop or country.
For me I did find myself liking this album, even though it was a pop country album. I'm fine with some pop music but when it comes to country I'm usually trying to avoid listening to it. My reason for that is because most current country music has the same sound and beats to the songs so if you heard one you've heard the rest. That can be said about most music though, except when you find that band that will change up the beat to give you something different. That's what I was listening to when I played 32 Below. I've heard this genre of music before, it's nothing new, but what it is, is good. The band has taken the elements that make the core genres of pop, rock, and country, and blended them into a fun, rocking, personal set of songs.
It's easy to hear the catchy beats in the songs that are played on this album. The songs are quirky and fun to listen to. Though there is more of a country sound being played in these songs, it's not drowning out any of the other styles in the songs. This is one of the few times that I found that I liked that these songs has more of a country sound to them. This band has put their enjoyment of playing music into their songs. That enjoyment flows over into me enjoying how they sound with the catchy rhythms and vocals that are easy to understand as well as singing along with.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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