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A Million Billion Dying Suns: AMBDS


(A Million Billion Dying Suns)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Hypnotic grooves that will have you rocking out while being in your own world. That's what it's like listening to the new LP by the band, A Million Billion Dying Suns. Their music will have you forget that there is a world around you as you just get entranced with the sounds being played. This LP that I speak of has 9 tracks on it and cover art that shares the multi-emotontial experience you get while listening to, "AMBDS". Not that it's a self title, but you can guess that the letters of "AMBDS" stand for A Million Billion Dying Suns. While the name is fun to say and is also cool, the music is a lot more fun to listen to. 
While looking at the Facebook for A Million Billion Dying Suns, I was able to find out that they have listed as their music genre as, "Transcendental". Is their music of or related to some spiritual or nonphysical realm? With listening to this LP I would have to say they are as close to that as I think music can be. Once I read that description of themselves I really did have to agree with it. This music does have this sense of transcending sound to it. What they make their music sound like is something that puts you in the mind of yourself while giving you a soundtrack to have playing in your head as you explore your own mind. 
A Million Billion Dying Suns does quite well on this LP. They have blended all the elements of the band together for a well balanced song and LP. Nothing is overplaying or drowning out any other portion of the song yet I was able to hear the different instruments and the vocals easily. I want to say that the songs are catchy, they are but they are more than just catchy, they are hypnotic. A catchy song might only have a few moments that get your attention whereas these songs get your attention at the start and keep it until the end of the LP, and if you do play the songs over again you will continue to listen to it.
Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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