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Abraham Lincoln

American Experience

Abraham Lincoln
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nearly one-hundred fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous "Four score and seven years ago" speech, The Gettysburg Address. He presided over a divided nation, fought a war, freed the slaves, and was killed for it. It is a tale that needs to be told, again and again.

On November 12th, just a week shy of the 150th anniversary of that speech, PBS is re-releasing on DVD an episode of their American Experience series, The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, in a special box set which includes copies of memorabilia: copies of letters, the wanted poster for his assassin and co-conspirators, an artist's rendition of the deed, a photo of Lincoln on his 2nd inaugeration, and one of the co-conspirators on the gallows. There is also a 24 page biography of Lincoln.

The episode itself is a 90 minute history lesson on the state of the Union after the war, a portrait of John Wilkes Booth, the death of the president, and the manhunt that followed. It is very well done, if a little on the dry side, because they stick to the facts and avoid drama and conjecture.

A real great bonus here is that the DVD contains a teaching guide, in case you wanted to use the episode in a classroom setting. But then, this is PBS, and I wouldn't expect any less from them.

The Abraham Lincoln box set is nice item to place on the shelf, and a worth addition to the collection of any American history buff.

Review by Jason Pace
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