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Adventure Time: Jake the Dad

Adventure Time

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adventure Time is one of those shows that looks like it’s meant for young children at first glance, but in reality the show is geared more towards adults. It has gained somewhat of a cult following over the years, and I can see why with its wacky storylines and complete disregard for realty. Jake the Dad is the fifth volume of Adventure Time and features 16 of what some people call the best episodes from the series.

I had previously never seen the series before but have seen numerous references and jokes from the show to know what I was about to get into. And yet on the other hand, I really had no idea what I was getting into. Adventure Time hinges on the fact that it’s so obscure and weird. So many things don’t make sense because they don’t have to. A relationship between Jake the talking dog and Lady Rainicorn, a half-rainbow half-unicorn hybrid, seems normal because, well, it just does. You don’t question the obscurity of the show because it makes you laugh regardless.

Adventure Time is entertaining and the Jake the Dad collection features so great episodes. They’re all relatively short, around 11 minutes in length, so they’re easy to watch whether in short spurts or lengthy marathon sessions. The DVD also contains the “Little Did You Know” special feature character profiles that are common to the collection sets. It’s suitable for Adventure Time fans who are looking to pass the time while waiting for the more complete season DVD releases.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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