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Justin Timberlake could be prepping for a new album

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Although Justin Timberlake’s ten-song comeback album, The 20/20 Experience made splash on the music scene this year, rumors have been floating around that the Grammy-winning performer could be working on a second album to be released in the fall. Ansioso #JT #JT2013 #The2020Experience #music #justintimberlake on Twitpic Root’s drummer ?uestlove confirmed on an message board that Timberlake was in fact working on the new collection. ?uestlove wrote, “20/20 Vol. 2 comes out in Nov. 10 songs now ... 10 songs later = 20 vision." The Roots drummer played with Timberlake on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently. Since Timberlake’s current album is called The 20/20 Experience yet only has 10 songs, many fans are speculating that ?uestlove could be right. According to MTV News, Timberlake performed at SXSW in Austin on Saturday night with Quest as DJ. Timberlake has also been in the limelight for pushing up Saturday Night Live ratings after his recent guest appearance on the show. This album would mean that Timberlake has been working hard on doubling his amount of solo work in just one year after a six-year hiatus from the music industry. Photo Courtesy of TwitPic