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We Are What We Are

Antisocial is a horror movie and a statement on the nature of social media. It fails pretty hard on both fronts.

In the world of the movie, there is a website called the Social Redroom, which until I went looking online for some info about the film I could have sworn was called the Social Bedroom, and it's like a Facebook type website, where people post all sorts of stuff. Anyway, after an intro where a girl breaks up with her boyfriend and deletes the app off her phone we cut to a house where a party is about to happen. Six people are gearing up, getting the food and drinks ready and making sure their phones are charged to be able to post the events of the night live to their feeds.

Meanwhile, the world is collapsing because of a sort of semi-zombie type outbreak. People are going nuts and killing other people. It turns out that the website, Social Redroom, in an attempt to get more users and retain those users have been trying to put addictive elements into the site, literally addicting people, like drugs or something. And it turns out that the latest release, that morning after our star deleted the app, has some side effects - you know those semi-zombie murderers I mentioned.

So, despite being zombies, they are still coming to the party, and our group of party throwers are stuck inside and some of them may already be infected!

There is so much uninspired in this movie... or rather, inspired so deeply as to be copied from other sources. There are no surprises, there is plenty of gore, and lots and lots of bore.. dom, boredom.

Antisocial is complete not worth watching. It's terrible. I think I should just assume the worst whenever I sit down to watch another Breaking Glass Pictures horror film, because they are all bad.

Review by Jason Pace
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