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Arc & Stones: As You Were

As You Were

(Arc & Stones)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There are some bands that just write and play a song to do it, these songs are basically generic songs with the elements that make a song but can lack creativity and soul. Other bands, ones like Arc & Stones, will build their songs into what becomes a blend of their talents and sounds for a fun experience. That's pretty much what you will get while listening to the new EP, “As You Were”. Arc & Stones surprised me with how experienced they sound on this six song album that recently came out.

What this band is a mature sound to their songs. Not that they sound old, they don't, they play their music in a manner that sounds like they have been around for awhile doing this. They aren't playing in a rash, hurried tempo that a lot of young bands do with rock. Every song on this EP has a thought out structure that plays well and sounds better. It's clear that the members of Arc & Stones have put a lot of time and effort in their music to make sure that they play songs that have good tempos and vocals.

If I didn't know better I would have said that the lead vocalist, Dan Pellarin, sounds like he's been singing for a long time. His voice is strong, it's raw but also controlled, he makes the songs have a depth to them. It's an odd thing but he makes the songs have a familiar sound to them, not one where I think I've heard them before, but it's as if I already liked the band before listening to them. The songs each have a distinct sound to them, one that keeps these 6 too few songs from getting stale. There's a good flow to the album, the songs are played at a decent pace, one that's quick but also somehow allows the songs to last. Arc & Stones has talent, so soon in their career that if they keep this level of playing in their music, then they should become a very popular band, they already have the sound of one.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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