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As Night Falls

If you are looking for a horror movie with bad special effects, poor acting, and a plot that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, then As Night Falls is the movie for you!

50 years ago, a couple of people decided for some reason to kill their own little girl, and they went to Hell for it. Now, they are all back, the little girl is a ghost trying to warn the new residents of their old home, the parents are zombies, sort of, and other dead folk are rising as well. Of course, there is a party going on, so there are plenty of folks to be killed.

And killed they get. Impaled, beheaded, shot, crushed, slit, and lots more. However, the acting is terrible. The action is terrible. The movie tries to at least admit that its characters have seen horror movies before and even goes for some pop culture jokes, but they aren't very good. This movie is 100% not worth watching.

And most of Hollywood probably agrees since As Night Falls was made in 2010 and only getting released on DVD now.

Review by Jason Pace
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