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Attack on Titan: Part I

Attack on Titan

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Every once in a while an anime comes along that absolutely blows me away to the point where I need to watch every episode and read every manga it’s based upon. Attack on Titan is currently that anime. While the first season of the anime has been around since April of last year, it has just now been given an English dub and released on Blu-ray by FUNimation.

Humanity has been forced to live behind massive walls that protect them from gigantic humanoid monsters called Titans. While the walls surrounding their cities have worked for the pass hundred years, everything changes when a Colossus Titan mysteriously appears and opens a hole in the wall, allowing for the rest of the Titans to destroy the city and all its inhabitants. Eren Yeager was just a young boy at the time of the attack, but he witnessed his mother get eaten by a Titan and his entire world crumbled. Now a young man, Eren vows revenge against the Titans and joins the military in hopes of coming face to face with the seemingly indestructible monstrosities.

I’ve already watched the original 25 episode run of Attack on Titan on Netflix in its original Japanese format. It’s an amazing anime, and I was excited to see how FUNimation handled the English dub. As it turns out, they did a pretty fantastic job. The English voice overs fit the characters well and the translations pretty much match for the most part. Of course I still prefer the original Japanese dub, which is also available on the Blu-ray, but the English version is great as well.

The Limited Edition includes a 24 page art booklet “Notes from Beyond the Wall: Part I” and a 3D Lenticular Art Card. The bonus features are also quite nice as well. It includes the usual fanfare of Trailers, Textless opening and closing songs, and a gallery, but the real bonus is the nearly hour long behind-the-scenes “making of” documentary that goes into the whole voice recording process. It’s absolutely fantastic and a great addition for Attack on Titan fans.

There was one flaw I found, however. In the middle of each episode are a pair of quick graphics that are used for breaks. They provide a little background about such things like the construction of the wall and the military’s Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. The only problem is that they’re all in Japanese so you can’t understand any of the text that goes along with the images. It’s nothing major, though. I also would have liked to see some of the already released OVA episodes included on the Blu-ray. Perhaps they’ll be bundled with Part II that is sure to come.

The Attack on Titan, Part I Limited Edition is a must-own Blu-ray for any anime fan. The show is absolutely fantastic and you will easily marathon one episode after another. Regardless of whether or not you like anime, you will enjoy Attack on Titan. I guarantee it.

Matt Rodriguez
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