Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
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There is a 30 minute long stand up.

Here is another comedian that has become known through the movies that he has done. At least for me that is. Aziz Ansari has been seen in the film Funny People, which he brings up in his routine as well as a character from the film, as well as being in 5 other films and a handfull of television shows. Though before now I was unaware of his stand up comedy routine or the fact that he had a DVD coming out. Which the said DVD Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening, is a 56 minute long act that made feel like I was really watching a 2 hour long monologue. It has been aired on the station Comedy Central and

During Aziz Ansari’s act he had a lot of jokes that just seemed to drag on for far too long. It was almost to the point that he was repeating the same joke but only missed having it being repetitive by changing a few words in it. By this I mean during one joke he was using this is my character doing this at a bar, then he would go on to say, well, now here’s the same character doing the same thing at a store, now he’s doing the same thing at a beach, and now here’s the same character doing the same thing at work, and so on. This would last for about 5 minutes or so and by the end of that joke it was run into the ground making the little portion of that had been funny no longer funny.

What makes a good joke or a comedian? That’s a tough question and my normal answer when someone asks me why I thought this person is funny is that they can still make me laugh with the same joke no matter how many times I hear it. Even though the joke has been reused it’s not been reused in the same act, and not to the point where it’s been beaten to death. Then there’s stage presence. Aziz Ansari just don’t have it. Some of his jokes are funny but when being in front of a crowd and being recorded there has to be more than just a funny joke. That more is the giver of the joke being able to sell the joke. All I saw with Aziz Ansari is a man who seems to enjoy what he is doing but it also looked like he was struggling to get the jokes out.  When I was finished with the DVD I wasn’t left with wanting more from him because I felt like what I had just seen was the extent of his comedy routine so far.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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