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Beach: In us we Trust

In us we Trust


Beach mixes electric violin, bass, ukulele and keytar to create an interesting and unique sound not heard anywhere in mainstream music. Playing the violin since 4 years old Beach showcases things I did not even know were humanely possible with a violin. Their latest LP “In us we Trust” was released on July 16th with a lot of curiosity and new material to make new fans for the band. ON the LP they cover several themes such as life in the big city and the materialism of the modern-era.

Beach goes from relaxing with the ukulele with a Jason Mraz vibe to indie-electro rock with the electric violin in mere seconds. Whichever genre they decide to play, Beach sounds great at it and feels like they are seasoned veterans. I was more than impressed with all of the songs on the LP and their versatility with both the instruments and their vocals. Beach has a great sound with mass appeal I recommend checking out the “In us we trust” LP and any other releases by Beach. For those reasons, I am giving this LP an “A-.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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