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Black Space Riders: D:REI


(Black Space Riders)
Release Date: 
Friday, January 24, 2014

D:REI is the third album from the German psychedelic rock metal group Black Space Riders. This 13 track album has the band going on a wild adventure with sounds and melodies that seem like they would clash with each other but have been melded into a cohesive song. While Black Space Riders might have been trying out new sounds and ways to play their music so that they do give the listener a different sound, it really is the listener (me) that was taken on a trip that made the end of my day into something that was enjoyable.
There really is a mixture of rock, psychedelic, and metal in this groups songs. At times I was confused on what I should be doing, head banging or sitting back to let the sounds wash over me as I just drift into the essence of the songs. When I said that the songs will take you on a trip it really does have this sound as if I'm on a journey with this band or closer yet, the band has went on a journey and are now sharing said journey by singing about it. Though most of the time I found it hard to understand what was being said in the vocals of either JE or SEB but those grunting, deep, low voices that are used on the songs fit in perfectly with the tone of the music.
What tone is it that Black Space Riders give on this album? Dark, passionate, powerful, and intense, that is what has been put into these songs. The bass, though at times can overpower the songs, just overtakes you with it's primal beatings, the guitar has this griping sound that makes you want to listen, but it's the captivating sound of the vocals that put the period on the songs. Black Space Riders have made their songs all have the same kind of strong, passionate emotions but the sound of each of the songs are different. Each track is it's own being, one which does have this gripping sound to it that has a lot of passion and well played instruments. The songs are well played and fun to listen to, considering that when “Space Angel (Memitim)” played for the first time I didn't even realize it is a 10 minute long song. This album has a good flow to it where the changing tempos in the tracks keep each one fresh and fun.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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