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Bleach Blonde: Bleach Blonde E.P.

Bleach Blonde EP

(Bleach Blonde)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Denver, Colorado band Bleach Blonde consists of Danny Stillman And Danny Cooper, both formerly of Drop Dead Gorgeous, as well as Michael Payne, David Barella, and Coty Eikenberg. The band members came together in August of 2012 and have quickly compiled a three track E.P. and a record deal with Rise Records. So how do they sound?

I’ve got to be completely honest here, not that dissimilar to a lot of bands that have established themselves on the scene or even those fresh faced bands on the up and up. Their vocals sound very same old, lyrics as one dimensional as break up songs, and they come with that all to familiar high energy you’d expect from a band like this. Put it all together and it actually sounds pretty good, but again, familiar.
So the question is, do we keep rewarding bands that sound copy, cut, and paste because they bring a high energy sound that grab you with decent hooks that work despite sounding average? Again, another honest moment if I may, I actually kind of dug the E.P. because it’s ignorable but accessible if you want something to listen to. You don’t have to go out on a limb with the bands sound because it’s so familiar and well played. Basically, it’s not asking you to pay attention. It’s there or it’s background noise, but decent background noise. Great harmonies for the most part, a solid overall sound, and, if you’re in the demographic, lyrics about heartbreak, regret, and even, on occasion, hope that things can be as mundane as life usually offers up. 
By far nothing really revolutionary, but if you’ve got a little over 8 minutes to kill I could think of worse ways to spend them. As always, final judgment is yours. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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