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Brain Games: Summer Season (PREVIEW)

Brain Games: Summer Season

Compassion July 14 Language July 21
Regular Air Date: 
Mondays @ 9PM ET
Air Date: 
Monday, July 14, 2014

Are you looking to find out if you see the demon or the angel in a picture? What about if baby twins have a language of their own or if people are born nice or actually a little of both? Brain Games is the show on National Geographic Channel that uses experts to talk about topics that will make you think about what goes on in everyday life while allowing the show to be smart and entertaining. By talking about how the brain works, Brain Games gets the viewer involved in what the show is about and just might get them to question how they themselves think. It's an interactive show that tackles topics that could discourage some people from watching but Brain Games makes it all interesting.

I really enjoy these style of shows, where instead of just watching the show progress until it's over, Brain Games gets me to interact with the show. From the very start of the episodes, Brain Games poses questions for the viewer that has them answering questions, remembering images, and trying to figure out what the puzzle might be. While there are the puzzles, the questions, the studies being done on test subjects, and other sorts problems that humans go through could seem to be boring to watch, it's anything but that. The topics that are discussed on this show are ones that happen every day with pretty much everyone  around the world. One study shows how some people will do to someone elses food when they can't be seen as well as what they will do that food when someone has been rude to them. What would you do?

That's pretty much the basis of this show, what would you do or what do you see, what do you hear, and pretty much involves you. I really enjoyed these two episodes of Brain Games because they are smart and witty while staying interesting. Sure the topics aren't ones that tackle world problems, what they do is just get me to pay attention to the whole show. Instead of going into a commercial break by creating some drama and then repeating it when it comes back on air, Brain Games asks a question or poses a problem for you that will get you to think and because like most people you want to see if you got it right, you will stay watching it. The experiments they conduct on the show are interesting and fun not only to watch but they peak my curiosity enough to have me continue watching the show. It don't try to be too smart, it don't use lectures to get the point across, and the points are ones that I actually want to know the outcome to. It was like watching a game and educational show at the same time and enjoying it.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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