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Brown Shoe: Lonely Beasts Part Two

Lonely Beasts Part Two

(Brown Shoe)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Like anything in the world, if you are going to review it (or give you opinion on it), you should not just do it on the first go round. Music is especially one of those items that should be given more than one listen to when a review is being done on it because maybe that first time you heard the song was right after a break up, the song is all about being in love, and so your view of the song won't be maybe as favorable as if you where in love. That being said, while I write this review for the new EP, "Lonely Beast Part Two" by the band with the name, Brown Shoe, I didn't have much to base my thoughts on. This EP is from the full fifth album that has been broken up into parts, this one being the second of them.
Brown Shoe's new EP has only 3 songs on it. This makes giving a in-depth review on the EP a little more difficult than if it had been a full length album. With only 3 songs to listen to, Brown Shoe was still able keep this short EP interesting to listen to. With the first song, "Reservations", the tempo starts off low with a mellow beat to it but quickly picks up the tempo. What makes this first song fun to listen to are the drums. It's those thumping beats that kept my attention by giving this song this instinctive feeling, maybe more like a little primal. It's also a song that don't have a lot of lyrics in it. What this first song does is set up the song as being the one that you just let it take over you where you just move with the beats and sounds.
With the second song, "Are You Up?", it's a mellow song, one that does have some moments of the vocals do get loud but it's still mellow. The levels on this EP are mixed quite well where even when the vocals do get loud they are not loud. Each of the three songs are even with the volume levels making them very easy to listen to. My favorite of the three songs is the last song, " Circus". It's the one with the best mix of instrumentals being used, the vocals are being changed throughout the song, the flow of the song is one that's constant with the energy but also speeds up and slows down. There's a lot of repeating with the lyrics in the song, but it's a fun song that has catchy rhythms. Brown Shoe might have only given 3 songs but they made each of these 3 songs sound different from each other. Maybe if I had more songs to listen I could say for sure if this is a talent the band can do with 12 songs or maybe they can only make 3 sound different and 9 that sound the same. Until that time of the full album, this EP for Brown Shoe is one that gives some promise for this band.
Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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