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Case Histories: Series 2

Case Histories: Series 2

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Former Edinburgh cop Jackson Brodie (played by Jason Isaacs) tries to make it as a private detective that's still troubled over the loss of his brother and sister. Even though he can't solve every problem in the world he has a hard time saying no to someone that he knows that needs his help. His curiosity of not having the answer for the clients looking for his help drives him until he can uncover the mystery. He's a driven man that does well in his field but finds that his personal life is not handled so cleanly.
Usually I'm not that big on these kind of shows because even though the middle portion of the show could be different, the beginning and ending are the same. In most cases the characters are usually the same as well, and with Case Histories, the character and plot does fall into that category. Jackson Brodie is a man that has a tough outer shell but is nice on the inside, does that sound like pretty much the majority of cops or leading male role that are used in a drama series? It does to me and then there are the plots where something bad has happened, they need the help of Jackson to find the answers that no one else can uncover, and by the end he does. Granted, it's not all happy in these stories, which actually makes for a better and more realistic drama series, but it's also nothing that's not being done in other series that are similar to this.

Now, that's pretty much the negative that I had to say about this show, what's positive about the show greatly outweighs and outnumbers the negative. Such as the acting that Jason Isaacs gives for his character of Jackson Brodie. He really does fit the role of being a tough cop that has that hard outer personality but is a softie on the inside. He gives his role of this ex-cop who really does want to help people a interesting take. There's also the supporting cast who give good performances and help do what they are supposed to do, support the main cast as well as the show itself.

One thing that I liked the most about this show was that it feels more similar to a movie than a television series. That's because there's only 3 episodes but the total length of the series is nearly 5 hours long. There's something that I like about having a show that's so tightly wrapped that it feels like a movie rather than a TV show. I was drawn into the show, even though it does have similarities to other shows, it's one that has been wrote to be interesting and has a cast that keeps me watching. One thing that I like about this show is how they do make Jackson do things his own way and how the show is more of a character driven show than the shock of the plot. This is why I was kept interested in the show because I was interested in the characters the whole time rather than just being told what the case is and then learning how it ends. There's a middle to this show, it has some depth to it, it's one that leaves me feeling like I actually watched something and when it was over I actually remembered it instead of saying what's next to watch.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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