Chris Spedding: Joyland


(Chris Spedding)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ever wonder what kind of music you will get when the styles of rock, little bit of folk, some blues, and even a little bit of Elvis style groove? That would be the album called, “Joyland” by Chris Spedding, a musician that has been playing for 50 years with such icons as Paul McCartney and Elton John. This album is one that has a very unique sound being put to use throughout the songs that get the attention right from the start. With catchy beats, hypnotic rhythms, and it's own oddity, “Joyland” is a well rounded album that will become liked quickly.
I really was amazed by “Joyland”, more so than with a lot of albums that I have reviewed because it has such a unique style. With track one, titled same as the album is, there is a narrator speaking through it, which when I first heard I actually thought I was listening to a commercial. If you think you know that voice of that narrator, well you just might because it's the actor, Ian McShane. What I like, a lot, about this album, is that there are so many different styles being used in the songs. Chris Spedding makes his songs have different styles where the whole album stays fresh from start to finish, even when I listened to it multiple times.
This is a unique album that stands out because of the different sounds being used and ways the songs are being played.  I enjoyed how the speaking parts have been put into use, where they do sound more than just a song, then there's the very fun beats that just got into my head where I was tapping along without even knowing I was doing so. The vocals are add to the songs as well, where at times I could hear the influence of some more famous people, ones like Elvis was brought to my mind when listening. This album has a way of making some unusual sounds and styles and making them sound like a normal song.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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