Covert Operation

Covert Operation

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Running Time: 
89 minutes

Gabriel (played by Sedina Balde) is given an offer he can't refuse but in accepting the offer he puts his own life at stake. The offer, go rescue the secret agent Witaker (played by James Gerard) from behind North Korea lines and if he accomplishes his mission, he will be a free man of any debt. While on his rescue mission, Gabriel discovers that there are women that are being used and abused for profit and thrills. He will do all that he can to save the women, Witaker, and himself from the captives that seem to only want to bring pain and death.

I don't mind action movies that seem to have a lot of action, needed and some that's not, but there's a point in which I get to where I want an actual plot. Give me some sort of story that I can follow, one that makes sense, or just one that I can enjoy while watching the action. A movie can have action that's just ok but if the story is good then the action will be made better. However, if there is a bad story, no matter how much action, good or otherwise, having no story will only make all that action useless and boring. Well, that's exactly what Covert Operation has, a whole lot of action, most of it not so good, and a flop of a storyline.
As an idea, the story is alright, maybe nothing new, but at least it's one that can be turned into something. Take a military/bounty hunter/tough guy who is under the governments thumb and tell him to go save someone from the enemy but be careful cause more than likely this is a suicide mission. Now, we have the idea there, like I said nothing new, however, the idea is one that can work and has done so many, many times for a movie, but Covert Operation does not develop the idea into a good movie. I understand that there is a need to have all the action, the plot points, and even some of the gore that's in it, but there's too much of the action and gore while not enough actual real story going on in this movie.
Starting with the horrible acting that's being done in this movie, why director/writer Mathieu Weschler thought he needed to have that gore put in the movie is beyond my grasp. I really didn't see the need of most of it, especially the end of the movie, but it's in there. No, it's not that bad and it don't appear that often but when it does it caught my attention in a bad way. Though I can overlook the gore and even the plot that has no real story but too much action, but what I can't overlook is the bad acting. There's a handful of times when the acting was just midly alright, aside from those few times, the acting in this movie stinks. It's overblown by the actors making their characters laughable, which is not good considering this an action movie with a plot that's supposed to be serious. I just didn't find anything in this movie that is good. There's too much useless fights, the characters are never delevolped or fleshed out, I'm left with no history of these characters or having a connection made with them, and instead of getting a start of a movie that I would know what's going on I'm getting a movie that starts in the middle where I should already know these characters and what all is going on leading up to the start of it. I never get that background story or any character development, all I get is a movie that's got some nasty scenes in it, a plot that is questionable at best, and a very predictable plot that makes it boring to watch on top of bad.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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