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Dark House (2014)

Dark House

In Theatres: 
Mar 21, 2014
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 42 Minuts
Victor Salva (Powder) wrote the screenplay and directs Dark House, the tale of a young man with a remarkable power to see the horrible deaths of certain people and who has a strange connection with an old house. 
The film stars Luke Kleintank as Nick, a young man celebrating his 23rd birthday. It’s on this day that he meets his soon to be girlfriend, Eve (Alex McKenna; Dallas). Hours before Nick has a strange conversation with his institutionalized mother (Lesley-Ann Down; The Bold and the Beautiful) who reveals some strange revelations such as information regarding Nick’s absent father. Upon her death, one Nick witnessed through his gift (or curse) Nick discovers his connection with a house that has been on his mind since he could pick up a crayon. It’s here where the story really begins to take shape. 
Dark House reminded me a bit of Legion. Both films feature some religious undertones that make both films interesting, respectively. The story is a bit loosely woven together and leaves some gaps where I found myself a little bored. However I did love the way the film was shot. The camera style of Dark House reminded me of the old horror films I used to watch at the Drive-In down the street from my house in Loma Linda. The subtle fluid motion of the camera as it pans from one person to the next leading up to some startling moment or the way the camera speeds up on a long shot that reminded me a lot of Evil Dead 2. A mixture of humor and horror is never a bad combination, but it doesn’t overwhelm the film. Great special effects as well. Creepy and campy looking at times, but it fits in well with that Drive-In horror film vibe. 
The film is getting a limited release, it looks as if it was released on various platforms from cable to VOD as well as Blu-Ray and DVD on March 13th which is a real shame because I would have loved to have seen this film in theaters with the right mixture of audience to make the experience memorable. It looks like if you live in the Atlanta area you have that opportunity when the films opens exclusively for it’s theatrical run at AMC Southlake March 21st. I envy those who get to see it in theaters. I highly suggest getting some popcorn, candy and a soda and getting a group together to check this one out. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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