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Days Between Stations: In Extremis

Days Between Stations? Never heard of them. Popped them in my car stereo and began heading out to work and was conflicted at first because it sounded like the opening for a Nero song off their last album. A bit further out the song starts to go other places, no vocals, but some interesting instrumental stuff that still had me guessing what kind of music was about to play when track two came on.

By track two I was hooked. Again, no vocals, just a science fiction-like backdrop with a noir-esque horn playing subtly off in the distance. It took me to Chinatown, Mugzy’s Move, the old black and Whites from the Bogart, Cagney and Robinson days. I might even have to throw Blade Runner in there as well. It was just fascinating to me.

The remainder of the album is a mish mash of instrumental tracks and tracks that provide vocals where the lyrical is very much a facet of science fiction and fantasy, while keeping an almost elusive metaphoric message subtly tucked in there concerning sociological issues in regards to humanity and ones own self. While I did enjoy the lyrical aspect of the album I was still more captivated by all the beautiful sounds stacking one on top of the other to create this momentum of sight through sound experiences that reminded me of some of my favorite films, set me off on flights of fancy in a world constructed by all of these abstract and, sometimes, alien sounds.

The band is comprised of only two permanent members; Sepand Samzadeh and Oscar Fuentes. In Extremis is their second album to date and this time they are joined by guests including the late Peter Banks (Yes), Tony Levin (King Crimson), Colin Moulding (XTC), Billy Sherwood (Yes), and Rick Wakeman (Yes). The whole of band create some interesting sounds that will remind you a lot of Yes and Pink Floyd, but the album goes so much deeper then just comparison. Most definitely one of those albums that you can listen to time and time again and still manage to find yourself in some new place, be it a world of science fiction, the throes of some faceless ending, or just trapped in an emotional state that’s being drawn out of you by the music. Simply amazing. I highly suggest checking it out. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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