Debbie & Friends: Variety Show

Variety Show

(Debbie & Friends)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Debbie & Friends’ latest release, Variety Show, was a bit conflicting for me. I’ve reviewed kids albums that took on a variety show format, intermingling with music, and like the others, I enjoyed the variety show aspect of the album. It was funny, silly, and imaginative. 
Musically the band has a fine grasp on their skills. They manage to mix a lot of different genres of music in their formula. There were a few times I thought the band flirted with the condescending aspects of older kids music from the pioneer age of Barney, Psalty, and the likes, but they managed to stay above that line. 
What really kind of ruined it for me was that not all of the songs were original. Purple People Eater? Wimoweh? While the band tackles the song with gusto it just seemed kind of like filler to me. I really liked that they took on more traditional tales like Pinocchio and Snow White while still managing to add on their own spin, but these two tracks were a bit of a momentum killer, especially Wimoweh as an album closer. 
Overall though, the talents on the album were pretty good. Music wasn’t overly fantastic, or up to par with some of the bands more eccentric peers, but it was sufficient. Themes were pretty fun and put new spins on what would otherwise just be rehashing. Again, I really liked the variety show aspect.  Nothing will bring a child closet to music then by introducing them to the personalities and characters of those that are singing to them. In the end it was a decent album I could see, if my kids were still in this age demographic, listening to around the house during play time or cleaning up time. 
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