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Defiance: Season 2 (PREVIEW)


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Air Date: 
Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life as they know it is once again about to change for the people of Defiance as the city-state gains a new mayor. But are they gaining something new or will the new Mayor Pottinger (played by James Murray) be the only one that gains from his being in Definace? With the new way of life brings in not only a new mayor but also a new group to control the city-state. The Earth Republic has taken over control of Defiance and they will make sure that the new mayor has Defiance working as they want it to. While the new rulers are putting down their roots and new ways, the people that's made a life there are finding it difficult to continue on in the same way. Amanda Rosewater (played by Julie Benz) finds herself in a new role while starting to get dependent on a substance that might be her downfall and the Tarr faimly is breaking apart along with their criminal empire. Even Nolan (played by Grant Bowler) who is on the hunt for his lost daughter Irisa (played by Stephanie Leonidas) learns that even he can't stay away from Defiance for too long, even as he tries his best to not enter the walls of the town, Nolan will be back in a familiar role that he's not all too happy to fill.

A new season for Defiance begins on Jun 19 that follows the workings and people of the town "Defiance". I have yet to watch season one of Defiance but I say yet because after watching the start of this new season I now want to watch the first season. This show is set in the future, not the far flung future but one that allows the characters to throw out certain references that can be related to the present time. Such as one moment when a character says that Nolan must have watched "Star Wars" a bunch of times and thinks he's living that kind of lifestyle. Flip side to that is that this is still the future and anything is possible, like having the world where the Earth has radically transformed into a more savage place to live where some species have died off but some new ones have appeared.

Where this season picks up is with Defiance having a new mayor trying to take control over the town the way he sees fit and that way is not so nice. But as usual the character of Mayor Pottinger is one where he puts on a friendly face to the people while in truth he's ruthless, mean, and looking out for himself in a not so nice manner. The only one who seems to know that the mayor is walking a thin line is Amanda, who tries to make him do the right thing but he has his own reason for making her think she has any power over him. It's a common thread being used in this show, the people in power are not so nice people, the people that are not in power are down trodden, while they stay on the verge of discovering they have more power then they realize. I can't forget the criminals of this story, because how can you have a bleak future without the use of some criminal empire that has the one drug that will make the beat down poor feel better about themselves.

Seriously though, even with the common thread of a bleak future, bad politicians, tough cowboy character who the politicians want gone, the beautiful woman who has the respect the people more than the people in power, and a main character that has a deep dark secret that will force her to defy the ones she loves, the show is still good. There's good writing on this opening season that got me interested in wanting to go back to watch season 1. The characters are developed well where they have depth as well as being believable and entertaining to watch. That I think comes due to the fact that the actors give a good performance in their roles. Each actor makes their character worth watching because they don't seem forced or like they are struggling with their lines. This show might be set in a future that seems implausible but the way Defiance has been written and put together, it's a future that makes you think it could happen. Overall though the show was just fun to watch and I'm thinking this season will be full of some good twists and turns that will put these characters into some very tough situations.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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