Face Off Season 8 (PREVIEW)

Face Off

Return of the Champions & Monkey Business
Regular Air Date: 
Tuesday 9/8C
Air Date: 
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
In the season eight opener of Face Off a new batch of artists are brought in and paired up with returning champions from previous Face Off seasons. The groups first task is to use character designs from the returning champs as inspiration and create something new, but associated. Once they’ve shown their skills the champs will pick select members for teams and then the real fun begins. 
I’m not a follower of Face Off, I’ve reviewed the show a few times, but I don’t think much has changed by way of the show. It’s still basically a handful of artists who come on the show to compete for supremacy and a chance to have their work highlighted, and possibly consideration for a professional gig. 
Even if you’re not a huge reality television fan you should get a kick out of how skillful these contestants are. This isn’t a show where you can sing great but only belt out cover tunes or wander aimlessly in a foreign country trying to out luck a group of like minded travelers. Face Off has always provided some serious visual artists who know their craft well enough to create something new and supplied the show with enough veteran icons of the profession to make the constructive aspect of the shows judging worth listening to. The biggest name to come out of this set of episodes is Rick Baker, you’ll know his work if you’ve ever seen little projects like An American Werewolf in London or Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 
As I stated above, the show is pretty much the same format it’s always been. The contestants are given so many hours a day to create their projects and present them to the judges. Some will have immunity and some will go home. If you’re a fan of the show Face Off Season 8 is still up to par. If you’ve never seen the show before, what better time then now. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
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