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Fangasm (PREVIEW)


The Fandom Menance
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Tuesdays @10PM ET
Air Date: 
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seven people, no seven fanboys/fangirls, have been given a chance of a lifetime. Work as a intern at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo where they will get opportunities to meet Stan Lee, George Takei, and the possibility of one of them getting a full time job. Though it might be a job it's still one that will take the group to comic book shops, having to put on costumes for cosplay, and all while sharing why they are fanboys/fangirls. These seven people will be living together during this experience that will be an emotional time in their lives that none will ever forget.

Finally a reality show that I can get into to! That's right, I said that there's a reality show that I actually like and want to watch more of. This reality show, or as it's being called a docu-series (which I actually think is a better name) is all about being a geek/nerd/fanboy/fangirl. It's about these seven people that all love comics, games, cosplay, anime, science fiction, and other forms of entertainment as they work as interns for Stan Lee. They all have to live together while competing in games to see who can have a chance at getting a job at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo.
I really did enjoy this first episode because it catered to everything that I love, comics, cosplay, Stan Lee, and I even saw a Harley Quinn in the background. In this episode the cast is introduced, which I got to say I was impressed with because instead of the typical beautiful and really good looking being put on the show they used real people. This cast is a group that I really do believe are fanboys/fangirls and I believed that they really did get that emotional when meeting George Takei. Not much really happened in the episode because most of the hour was used to introduce the cast and what they will be doing. I did expect that there would have been activities for the cast to be put through but I'm guessing that will come with the next 5 episodes.
One thing about the show though is that it's set up like almost all reality shows. Before each commerical they set up the cliffhanger moment and when coming back they give a few seconds of what was shown before the break before going further with the show. And even though they put the cast in the same house to live together while working as interns this is a format that will create some moments that can be interesting to watch unfold. The pacing of the show is pretty quick, that or I just enjoyed it so much that it went by fast for me. I would have liked to seen more happen with the cast in this first episode but what does happen was entertaining. I can't wait to see more, especially with the knowledge that they will have to pitch an idea to Stan Lee and even meet Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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