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Fritz Montana: Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat

(Fritz Montana)
Release Date: 
Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do you know that saying, "I remember when they were just starting out"? Well, that's how I feel about this band Fritz Montana for their new EP "Scaredy Cat". This San Francisco band is composed of 3 members who are able to create full songs with fun sounds and catchy beats. Their music is indie rock, a style that can be bland when it's bad but when it's done right, it has a fresh entertaining structure that's hard to not like. For Fritz Montana, they are a band that's playing the music right because what they have put on this EP are songs that is from a band that reminds us what good music is supposed to sound like.

This band does play some very catchy beats but it's not just the catchy beats, it's also the vocals, the lyrics, and the energy that's been put into these songs. There's one song on the EP called, "My Body Does It All", that's pretty much the idea of this EP, it does it all. By all I mean that they have songs that connect with me, the beats are fun, unique, and get me to tap my feet as I listen, there's a familiarity to the songs where I feel like I already know this band, and there's a flow to the EP where it allows listening to all of it very easy to do. Frizt Montana has a natural sound to their music where this EP sounds like what I would hear from them in concert. There's no tweaking the vocals of David Marshall, his voice is real, it's strong, and he is able to change his tempo with ease and confidence.

These songs are put together very well, I would go on to say that they are done better than most in fact. Here's why I say that, it's because when I listen to the songs I hear the song as a whole, there's no moment when the guitars and/or vocals of David Marshall, or the drums being played by Matthew Hagarty, and the bass of Kein Logan are playing over each other. Each element of the songs are heard as one instead of only one being heard over the rest. These songs are more than just some catchy beats though, they are fresh and lasting. When I was not listening to the songs I still had some of the beats playing in my head, more so now that I'm writing about them, but it's in a good manner because I want to listen to the songs more. More amazing is that this is a young group but they have both the energy of a young band that wants to try new things with their music while also having a sound of a band that's experienced and well played. So, yes, this band has a ton of potential, right now they are a really good band, but they are a band that I think can become great, to become a band that will be the influence for others.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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