G.I. Joe Renegades: Complete First Season

G.I. Joe Renegades

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
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A Look Behind the Scenes at GI Joe Renegades, Commentaries

While out on a secret mission that is off the records and no one other than the team knows about goes wrong, the G.I. Joe team become outlaws. Now the world believes Cobra to be the good guys, the Joes are the villians, and now their own military is after them for a crime they didn't commit. Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Tunnel Rat, Ripcord, and the silent ninja known as Snake Eyes might be considered outlaws and even with the military chasing them down, this elite team will still help anyone in trouble while trying to clear their names and bring Cobra to justice.

And also the only season that we will be getting of this animated show of the famous toys from Hasbro. Over the years there's been different takes on the Joes and with this newest one I really liked it. Here was a new twist on a very old product that put new life in a series that could have went with the same old course outline as before. G.I. Joe Renegades went with having that twist of having the heroes becoming outlaws in the eyes of the public and their own government while the real villians, Cobra, were seen as the ones being slighted. It's a good twist and it worked really well, even with the opening theme sounding very familar to an 80's TV show about another elite military team that goes rouge for a crime they didn't commit.

Aside from the twist of making the Joes the villians the rest of the show was set up like the usual. While a team sent from the government hunts down the Joes, the Joes try to take down Cobra and clear their name. As they do this they get into lots of battles with all sorts of different equipment and guns being used, in Joe fashion. There's also the ninja's, which are my favorite in the franchise, that do their crazy ninja sword fights. All the team is here, well most of the team, there is that slight problem that Ripcord gets into but hey that actually added a good amount of drama to the show. Even though most of the plots are the same basic format of having the Joes going after Cobra as the government hunt down the Joes, the shows are still a lot of fun to watch. Anyone that’s been a fan of G.I. Joe will surely like this show and if this is their first introduction to the characters it’s one that will make a good impression.

Animation has been waiting for Blu Ray’s, at least it sure seems that way after watching G.I. Joe Renegades on Blu Ray. Talk about having a picture that’s sharp, clear, with beautiful colors this Blu Ray showcases them all. The details are pretty sharp making a lot of the artwork look really nice. I really enjoyed watching this Blu Ray for the look and the audio levels, though I would have liked to had more bonus features other than the behind scenes featurette. Which that was cool and I liked it a lot, but considering this is the only season that this show will have put out it would have been nice to had extra bonus features to give the fans that little more footage as a going away note.


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