Hard Rain (BLU-RAY)

Hard Rain

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Running Time: 
96 minutes
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In the town of Huntingburg a storm has come and that storm has brought Hard Rain. With the river flooding over, a dam that can’t continue holding back the rising waters, and the rain just falling even harder, having a to deliver millions of dollars is something that Tom (Christian Slater) is going to enjoy. In a blink of a eye Tom goes from having a fun conversation with his Uncle Charlie (Edward Asner) to being shot at by Jim (Morgan Freeman) and his gang as they go after the money. In hopes to get some help from the local sheriff (Randy Quaid), Tom ends up finding himself stuck in deep water with only one person to turn to for help, Karen (Minnie Driver).
It’s tough to really give a good description to Hard Rain without giving away the movie. Basically Hard Rain is a movie about a guy that has to keep from being robbed by some bad guys while doing it in a lot of rain. First off I’ll just talk some about the movie itself. I enjoyed it, I’ve liked Hard Rain since it came out in 1998 and I still like it. What makes me like Hard Rain is that it’s a fun movie. There’s enough action in it to keep from getting bored with it, though the action scenes are not on the high end levels they are still decent.

The characters in Hard Rain are near believable as well. This is a very key component when trying to make a movie that’s based more on the characters than it is on the action and the fancy CGI. Christian Slater does a good job playing his character Tom the armored truck driver who got the job through his Uncle. He’s the local hero that could be you or me and he shows that in his acting. But every hero has to have his villain and that’s where Morgan Freeman comes into the movie. I can’t say anything bad about Morgan Freeman. He knows how to play a character even if that character is a bad guy, or is he really? Not only that but there's a couple of characters in Hard Rain that brings a funny side to the movie. If there's a reason to watch Hard Rain it would to see Betty White playing the character of Doreen Sears.

So, with a plot line that’s got just enough of a story line to keep the viewer interested and actors that play their roles well enough to make the film enjoyable, Hard Rain has been put out on Blu Ray. Now being that I’ve just recently started to watch Blu Ray I didn’t know what to expect a movie that came out nearly 12 years ago was going to look like in Blu Ray while played on my LCD flat screen tv. My first impression was not a good one. This is because the movie opens up with one of it’s few CGI generated scenes with all the rain and the town being flooded. It can easily be seen that there was not a lot of money spent on making the scene look 100% genuine and with Blu Ray and the high def tv, the flaws show up better than the perfections. Though aside from the few moments of being able to see the cheap special effects, the quality of the movie is good. The picture is clear, the sound is really good even on my little built in tv speakers. My only real complaint was that there are no bonus features, not even a BD live. Would it have been too hard to add in some production photos or maybe a commentary track?

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