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(hed) P.E.: The Best of (hed) P.E.

The Best of (hed) P.E.

((hed) P.E.)
Release Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2013
To mark the bands 20th year anniversary, (hed) P.E. has released a Best Of album that features tracks from Truth Rising (2010), New World Orphans (2009), Insomnia (2008), DIY Guys (2008), and Back 2 Base X (2006) for a total of 18 tracks. 
I’ve followed the band over the years, especially since they came from relatively close by where I was growing up and their name would pop up, demo tapes as well from time to time. When bands like Clawfinger, Rage Against The Machine, and Downset started to catch my attention that was really when I started to get back into (hed) P.E., who also brought that rap metal sound to the table. 
I’ve been fortunate enough to do what I do today and have covered several of the bands releases and seen how they’ve grown from punk upstarts to a pretty diverse outfit that’s had more then their fair share of special guests (mostly label mates). They’ve blended a harder metal edge into their sound, become an icon in the Truth Movement, always spilling what’s on their minds weather it be government conspiracies, religious conspiracies, or even sociological issues. 
While I’m not onboard with all of (hed) P.E.’s ideologies I think this album will attest to both their growth as a band as well as their intentions in providing a platform to let people know they can speak their minds, even if it’s not something you agree with 100% of the time.
You’ve got hip hop elements, punk, metal and more politically themed topics then you can shake a stick at tracing the bands mindset from 2006 to 2010. Truly a sign that if you have ever believed their message was a trend, here’s four more years of outspoken rap metal goodness to let you know it’s for real.    
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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