How To Be A Grown Up (PREVIEW)

How To Be A Grown Up

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TUESDAY @ 9:30/8:30C
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
In TruTV’s aim to completely wipeout their original format of conspiracy shows, shows about serial killers, and CSI type reality shows they unveil a long list of strange new shows including How To Be A Grown Up. A show that takes a huge page from VH1 by putting comedians in commentary situations, this time waxing poetic about being an adult. It’s a mostly hit or miss affair.
My initial reaction when I read the press release, that the show would star “Top Name Comics”, took me by surprise as I only really recognized Greg Fitzsimmons (Louie) and possibly one other comedian, but probably not. Either case it was the execution of the show and the quality of he commentary by said comedians that counts anyway. 
The first episode throws up topics like talking to your kids about the birds and the bee’s, Las Vegas and how to maneuver amongst its neon towers, free drinks, and slew of all you can eat buffets, as well as other not so thought provoking themes that the comedians do their best to make light of.
Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling the show most of the time. The comedians looked like they were sitting in a green room with nothing to interact with aside from the one married couple who occasional bounced ideas off one another and that was only when they could truly relate to a topic. One comic was able to push the envelope and was rewarded with a dramatic, but comedic, recreation of his stories in a short skit. Otherwise the was held together by the thinnest of threads and had a few chuckle worthy moments that, in the end, weren’t that memorable. 
After having watched a few shows for the newly revamped network I can only hope that their better shows are enough to pull viewers thoughts away from the notion that a lot of the new shows really feel like revamped old shows from other networks. Here’s hoping this first episode was a fluke. 
AJ Garcia
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