How To Get Away Murder (PREVIEW)

How To Get Away With Murder

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Thursdays @ 10PM ET
Air Date: 
Thursday, September 25, 2014

Successful and brilliant Professor Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis) teaches her law class with a firm hand so that her students will become great lawyers themselves. Tough as nails she might be, her students strive to impress her so they can get the most out of her class and possibly work on cases with her during their schooling. What they get into though goes from being a class on how to get away with committing murder to it being their actual life. Secrets are being kept, murders are being committed, and while the class tries to help Professor Keating get her current client an innocent conviction there's another student that has gone missing on the campus. How these new law students handle themselves in the court room just might be what saves them from going to jail themselves.

How To Get Away With Murder is a different kind of law show that is somewhat intriguing. This pilot has a plot that is full of secrets, some of those secrets we are shown in this pilot, but it also has a lot of unknowns going on in the plot. The show begins with a group of college kids, who turn out to be the law students, trying to figure out how to get rid of a body and the evidence of a murder. That then leads to the flash backs that introduce all the characters, their connections with each other, and gives you scenes and information that is meant to lead you to try to figure out who has been killed. There's also another story going on with a missing student that involves some side characters that appear a few times during the episode. In a nutshell, How To Get Away With Murder is a law show that will have flash backs/forwards about a murder that will be the main plot where the viewer is made left wondering what's going on, who it it, why, where, and all those questions that come with a murder, while also showing the ways the lives of the cast entwine with each other.

One thing I don't really like about this show is all the flashes. It's a little annoying having the show jump all around from the future to the past while having to follow the main story. I understand why they are doing it this way, it's a way that they can show both part of the end of the main story and the beginning while going through future episodes that will eventually meet in the middle where we will get some answers. But I think they could have used a few less of the flashes in the show, maybe just had the start showing the present then the whole middle of the show being the flashback and finally ending it with a few minutes of being back in the present. Aside from the flashes the show turned out to be pretty good, enough so that I'm wondering what's going on.

There is a lot going on in this one pilot, there's the main story with the murder, the story of the case Professor Keating is handling, the students doing what they have to in their journey to become lawyers, there's a missing student, the neighbor, some scratches on the wall, an affair, and a student possibly having sex with one of Keatings staff. There are enough stories in this one pilot episode for this show to fill a whole season without having to add any more to them. One thing that this show has is that it's not trying to play around with what it can touch on in the subject matters and because of that it will or should be a show that gets a lot of conversation going about it. The cast is picked well for the show, a little typical with the character profiles as we get the hard nosed professor that will do nearly anything to win the case, a student that is timid and unsure but comes up with the right answers, one that will be cut throat to get the answers needed, one that will is also cut throat but will stay at the edge of getting the answers without breaking the law, one that wants to have morals, but all are the typical law students for a show. It was an interesting pilot, it has decent acting, and I'm left wondering what's going on by the end while I'm also forming my own theories as to what has happened, who done it, and so forth. Which should be good for this show because it will get the viewer to interact with the show and make the pay attention to it just so they can see if their theory is correct.

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