Hugh Hopper - Volume Two: Franglo Band

Volume Two: Franglo Band

(Hugh Hopper)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
In the second volume of Gonzo’s Hugh Hopper collection fans get a peek at Hopper while performing with his Frangloband. Like the last album you get 7 tracks that feature great horn work, splendid guitar ramblings, and a cornucopia of other sounds you’ll have to pinpoint for yourselves. 
I especially enjoyed the first song on the album, Facelift. Imagine a lost track from the Lethal Weapon era. Moody horns placing you in the Hollywood of yesteryear where horns and guitar stood side by side. The song is very hip and easily separates itself form the rest of the album. The only other song that comes close is Shuffle Demons with it’s Detroit feel and classic rock jazz drum sound. Those have to be two of my favorites form the album. 
Hopper and his band cover Coltrane’s Mr. Syms in a live performance and set a contemporary tone with Lonely Sky and The Sea and Sliding Dogs. The album closes out with an odd mix of tribal spirituality and a classic blues rock like concoction. In any case, Hopper and Gonzo deliver again with a fantastic assortment of tunes that make for great listening. 
AJ Garcia
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