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Jack Irish: Set 2

Jack Irish: Set 2

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3) Returns as down on his luck P.I. Jack Irish. Jack has been asked by his client to find a man who turns up dead. Despite the quick overdose report Jack still thinks there’s something amiss. Later, when he discovers the truth, a blackmail scheme arises and all the answers start to fall into place. 
I enjoyed Jack Irish: Set 2. Guy Pearce has been an actor I’ve followed since first discovering him in the excellent L.A. Noir film L.A. Confidential. Pearce plays the everyman character in this film. He’s neither a coward nor too brave. He runs instead of fights and fights when it matters. I really liked that about this character, though that doesn’t remain the story for the entirety of the film, which was a bit disappointing. The end of the film left a bit to be desired. A lot of unanswered questions about consequence and how Jack moves on, but overall not bad. 
So as I watched the film for the first time I thought that it looked a bit drabbed. It was only after the entire film had concluded that I realized I had put in the DVD version of the film. It turned out that this was a bit beneficial. The second time I watched the film I put in the Blu-Ray and instantly saw the drastic shift in picture quality and knew that I was seeing some obvious change. Actually really good change for a 1080i quality picture. 
Detail is amazing, color is beautiful, sharpness is acute, and levels are where they should be. I was really amazed by the BD presentation for this film. It was what critics would call reference quality. Immaculate in all the ways you’d want to see a high definition movie that you went out and paid for or plan to share with friends to show off your system. 
A 7 minute behind the scenes feature and gallery make up the supplemental section, aside from being able to own the film on both HD and standard versions.  
AJ Garcia
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