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Jefrey Au-Go-Go!:

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015
It’s no secret that I think children’s music is in a wonderful renaissance at the moment. I’ve reviewed so many great acts that play kids music and it just seems like this genre keeps getting better and better. Jefrey Au-Go-Go! proves that point with silly songs that are delivered with excellent vocal capabilities that strive through what is almost assuredly tongue twister style. Just you tube Peter The Pushy Puppy and give yourself a chance to sing along. Simplistic in message but commanding in execution.
The album is very polished sounding. Every instance of vocal work, weather it be the star or the kids in the background, it all sound fantastic. Instruments sound crystal clear and nothing is ever pushing something else out for the spotlight. The entire album sounds absolutely immaculate on a sound scale. 
The only problem I had with the album was the track A Mountain Called Change. The song is very well meaning but seems to be a lower key tune then the rest of the album is very upbeat and fun. Other then that I highly suggest getting your copy before they’re gone. Greatness. 
AJ Garcia
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