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Jodi Good: Definitely Different

Definitely Different

(Jodi Good)

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to female singer/songwriters. There’s just something irks me about the fact that a majority of female singer/songwriters these days fill their albums up with tragic love stories. With Jodi Good I was pleased to hear the title track and EP opener “Definitely Different” kick off the works with a song that explores the free spirit and individualism of just being and having someone who loves you for it anyway. So the tune does sound very radio average as far as the music goes, think Maroon 5 or Graffiti 6, but it’s a fully fleshed out tune lyrically that goes the positive route without chalking up a lot of drama. It’s a fun catchy little tune that is most definitely different.

As the album marches on I unfortunately find myself in familiar territory as the last four songs all take on the tragic romance angle that has plagued this particular genre for ages. Songs about heartbreak, breaking up, the usual. Fortunately the album never loses steam because of it thanks to Goods magnificent voice that bends and merges with her words to fit around every turn.

Another aspect of the EP that makes it work despite it going the typical route is the fact that every song on the album doesn’t feel written. Goods delivery and connection with every word in every song on the album feels passionate, heartfelt, true. I loved that about these songs. The chorus might be repetitive, as choruses usually are, but it’s one of those, “I’m not going to waste one word” type of works that has something to say and does it well within the confines of a 3+ minute window. It may be the usual tragedy, but it doesn’t feel like tragedy that’s been built on the shoulders of Goods predecessors who have sued the same formula.

Production is crisp, I really enjoyed the guitar work on this album, and Goods voice is great. Glad to see they got someone behind the boards that could really capture the music and pair it well with Goods voice without overpowering either by the other. My only qualm is that at the end of Skin & Bones, the song fades out about 3:29-3:30, but the songs run time doesn’t close out until 3:42, leaving you with about 12 seconds of dead air. Not too big a deal, but it can mess with the flow of the EP your first go. All in all though definitely worth checking out.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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